The primary function of being a mobile phone is… well, to be a phone! However, integrated into the smartphones of today is a plethora of secondary functions that distract us from our daily lives and social situations.

The Moto Zen reduces the abundance of features on a smartphone down to just the two most important functions, communication and photography. Each side of the device is devoted to one of the two functions, allowing for a very simple and intuitive experience for the user.

When the phone isn’t being interacted with the minimal interface fades away into the body, and the rounded, compact, natural and perfectly symmetrical form of Zen creates a worrystone-like object. This, combined with the absence of other applications and features ensures that the user will no longer be distracted, and it gives them their life back!


Moto Zen将智能手机上的丰富功能减少到只有两个最重要的功能:通信和摄影。设备的每一面都致力于这两种功能之一,为用户提供了一种非常简单直观的体验。


Designer: Miguel Harry